AP Research Consults (APCO) is an independently-owned and managed consulting company with limited liability based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We provide world-class advisory services with clear understanding of local contexts and demands in Vietnam and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region on Competition Policy and Law and Consumer Protection issues.


Competition Policy and Law

Competition policy and law has an important role to play in developing countries, both in increasing economic efficiency and promoting consumer welfare. But this policy instrument could only bring about these expected benefits if it could be tailor-made to suit the socio-economic conditions of respective countries, their legal traditions and culture, specific needs, as well as resource and capacity constraints.

APCO specializes in conducting policy review, market studies, and competition assessments; formulating strategic plans; and drafting implementation regulations and guidelines. We are particularly well-equipped to build the capacity of relevant stakeholders such as sector regulators, businesses and consumers, and the media, etc to support competition law implementation.


Consumer Protection

Consumer protection measures work to ensure that consumers can make well-informed decisions about their choices, that producers and sellers will fulfill their promises about the products and services they offer and that there are effective redress mechanisms. Consumer protection is important because consumers in any modern market economy often experience information asymmetry and a significant imbalance of bargaining power as compared to producers and sellers of products and services.

APCO is specialised in conducting consumer surveys and policy analysis. With hands-on experiences in consumer advocacy, awareness-raising and capacity-building, our experts can help countries, agencies and organisations to formulate enforcement strategies and action plans, carry out campaigns, as well as conduct training for relevant stakeholders.